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BCLC Global is a development firm that specializes in bringing foreign businesses and new enterprises to Northern Virginia and the greater Washington D.C. area. Given the increasingly complex landscape in which international trade and commerce operate, foreign businesses can benefit from moving their operations and manufacturing to the United States where they have direct access to the U.S. consumer market.

BCLC Global is uniquely positioned to provide the comprehensive services necessary to transition an existing business into the U.S. or establish a new enterprise. We specialize in:

  • real estate acquisition
  • immigrating to the U.S.
  • funds verification and escrow accounts via our banking partners
  • contract drafting and negotiation

Additionally, BCLC legal partners provide access to a full array of legal services. Our experienced team is well equipped to assist foreign businesses in navigating the diverse and growing U.S. market.  

Strategically headquartered in Northern Virginia, BCLC is at the entryway to the Northeast Corridor of the United States.

BCLC services are available in English, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese.




“BCLC Global exists to serve individuals interested in investing in the United States. Our mission is to assist our clients on important decisions pertaining to business opportunities under the EB-5 investment Visa, real estate property for personal or commercial use, paralegal services, marketing, direct investments, and tax services—across countries and across generations.

As a company centered on job incubation and investment, we provide our clients with multifaceted, customized solutions via our business support community, comprised of a professional network with established businesses, job incubators, career professionals, and public officials. Citing our philosophy of “East Meets West”, we believe that by integrating Eastern and Western ideologies, we can work together with our clients each step of the way, leveraging our unique vision and dedicated team to guarantee our clients’ success.

Our goal is to be an integral part of your family’s generational success. We want to work with you, and most importantly, train and build your children and grandchildren to become a well-rounded professional or manager as a result of your investment and partnership with us.”


LARRY MCKAY, CFAWealth Management Program Director

TRUNG LAMStrategy & Real Estate Advisor

MIKE EASTMANSenior Real Estate Loan Advisor

JOE MCKAYVice President, Finance & Business Services

VIHANH THAMChief Operating Officer

MARK KEAMSenior Advisor Consultant

SON PHAMImmigration Attorney and Partner at Fragomen

RICO LIVice President, Business Development

JOHNSTON & FARMERImmigration Advisor

CHAP PETERSENChap Petersen & Associates

MICHAEL MCVICKERLaw Office of Michael McVicker


In essence, we are a community of senior managers and executives in a variety of established businesses and professions, ranging from lawyers to businessmen and women, diplomats to entrepreneurs, community leaders, real estate managers to investment specialists, educators to innovators – all of whom work together to ensure the success of our clients.

1. Wealth Management | Aeturnus (Larry Mckay, CFA)

2. Banking | Washington First Bank (Mike Eastman)

3. Real Estate Development | Equinox Investments, LLC

4. Accounting – Finance (McKay – Li – Tham)

5. Education and Job Readiness Skills Training| AASuccess, Inc.

6. Real Estate | Trung Lâm

7. Immigration Strategy | Trow & Rahal P.C.