Move Forward With Confidence

We will be by your side every step of the way.


Direct Investment

Whether you are just getting started, or are interested in expanding your enterprise, we will help you establish a strong business presence in the US.

Real Estate Investment

Building a portfolio of Residential and/or Commercial properties will help minimize your asset risk, while Property Development will help drive your asset value. With this in mind, we will make sure you can generate sustainable long-term income streams.

Commercial Loan Structuring

If you need help in getting a head-start in funding your business or other investments, we can assist in making sure that all of your financing needs are taken care of.

Wealth Management

Using powerful quantitative metrics and analyses for the securities markets, we custom-tailor comprehensive portfolio solutions based on your goals, risk tolerance, cash flow needs, tax situation, and wealth aspirations.


Management Consulting

Our forward thinking approaches to business management and strategy will create innovative solutions to move your business forward and thrive.

Business Law

Whether you are starting out on a new venture, expanding on a current one, or vetting potential business partners, our team of legal experts will help make sure that you have complete security in all of your legal needs.


If you need support in accounting, financial reporting, or tax advisory services, we are here to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Sales and Marketing

We will bring you creative design thinking to help your business tell its story and connect directly to its audience and prospective clients.


Immigration Assistance

Provide Visa services and support for all-things-immigration, including our unique L-1 solution, we will help secure and stabilize your status here in the US.

Education and Mentorship

Working with local academic facilities, our educations programs help your child develop key life skills and cultural awareness that will elevate their path towards academic success and get a head start in his/her future.

Job Training

Internships and work experience are also critical to your child’s success. Use our program to aid in your child’s professional development, getting them the experience they need so that they can stand out from the competition.

Estate Planning

Your legacy matters to us. That is why we have a full breadth of planning services that cover the full spectrum of Estates and Trust Funds to preserve your family’s future.