Summer Camp 2018
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BCLC Global offers a 5-week program that provides hands-on experience, training, introduction to English communication, soft skills, and character building skills.

The program is available to Vietnamese 6th-12th grade students visiting the U.S. with B-2 tourist visas. The program starts at the 4th week of June and ends at the last week of July 2018.


Safeguard Your Family’s Financial Well-Being

We are the safest, most effective, and hassle-free way to invest in the United States.

We offer a one-stop shop including business connections, legal and capital management services to investors seeking wealth transfer and growth for their children. For additional immigration services, our partnering law firms provide  L-1A Executive visa, E-2 visa, EB-5 direct investment visa, and pathway-to-green card services for non-US investors and their family.

Wealth Transfer and Growth

Bring you the best financial intelligence and help you earn 8%-15% annualized projected rates of return. Whether it’s Capital Investment, Real Estate Finance, or a comprehensive Wealth Management Plan, we will make sense of your investments so that your wealth will work for you.

Pathways to Green Cards

Integrate your business goals with immigration strategies. BCLC Global expertise in nonimmigrant visas and immigrant visas make our immigration strategies for international businesses highly effective. The visa options available to investors and entrepreneurs include E-2, L-1, and EB-5 direct investment.

Knowledge and Education

The CEO Training Program as an important component BCLC’s strategy for any aspiring, mid-level, or senior leader to best prepare you and your children for your future at the US. Regardless of your age, position, or title, we has a developmental course that is right for you.

Giving You Peace Of Mind With Every Decision & Every Step Of The Way

BCLC Global President & CEO

Dear Investor:

BCLC Global is the premier investment and management business enterprise dedicated to bring existing foreign businesses and new enterprises to Northern Virginia and the greater Washington D.C. area. BCLC Global is uniquely positioned to provide the comprehensive services required to move an existing business or setup a new enterprise because of our one-stop shop including partnership firms and entities such as legal counsels, land development firms, business firms, and professional staffs with expertise in CFA, CPA, real estate, marketing, business management, all of which are dedicated to work and partner with investors to sustain wealth over multiple generations.

BCLC Global exists to serve individuals interested in investing in the United States. Our mission is to assist our clients on important decisions pertaining to business opportunities under the EB-5 investment Visa, L1 to Green Card Visa program, real estate property for personal or commercial use, paralegal services, marketing, direct investments, and tax services—across countries and across generations.

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Innovation and Connections Are What We Do

In essence, we are a community of senior managers and executives in a variety of established businesses and professions, ranging from lawyers to businessmen and women, diplomats to entrepreneurs, community leaders, real estate managers to investment specialists, educators to innovators – all of whom work together to ensure the success of our clients. Our departments include:

1. Wealth Management | Aeturnus (Larry Mckay, CFA)

2. Banking | Washington First Bank (Mike Eastman)

3. Real Estate Development | Equinox Investments, LLC

4. Accounting – Finance (McKay – Li – Tham)

5. Education and Job Readiness Skills Training| AASuccess, Inc.

6. Real Estate | Trung Lâm

7. Immigration Strategy | Trow & Rahal P.C.


For Individuals seeking to invest or start a business in the U.S., we have the solutions.